effective, affordable, and stylish branding for your business

Custom branding is essential for every business, both big and small. It’s how your audience identifies you from a mile away, as well as how they know what you’re all about. It speaks for you so that you can save time explaining what it is that you do, and spend more time actually doing it.

what’s what

Kimberly Ward Design Branding - primary logo

This is your main logo, which is certainly what will be used the most often.

Kimberly Ward Design Branding - secondary logo

This is an alternate version of your main logo, and is therefore perfect is for places where your main logo wouldn’t always work.

Kimberly Ward Design Branding - sub logo

This is a smaller version of your logo, and is therefore used in places like your site icon or other places where you might need your logo but don’t have the space to include the full and large version. Ordinarily, it is of your icon or a stylized version of your business’ initial(s).

Kimberly Ward Design Branding - brand marks

These are additional icons that may or may not be featured in your logo, and are ordinarily used for accents and decoration.

Kimberly Ward Design Branding - pattern

A pattern helps to tie your brand together, in addition to being something to use as a decorative space filler on documents, tissue paper, etc. It may or may not include your branding marks (as you can see, mine does not, but the spots are those of a snowy owl’s, so it still ties together).

let’s get started!

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